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May 4


Just in case you were wondering SmithProfessorQuotes is not affiliated with these blogs, and I don’t really undersand how reblogging things to a different location counts as “keeping it going” but w/e it’s so hard to be original. 

Apr 15

Dear Smithies,


I have turned off the submit option for all three blogs. There will be no new posts to Overheard at Smith, Smith Professor Quotes or SmithieComplaints. The phenom has run its course.

I started these blogs are a joke to myself that became a huge part of the Smith online community. Poking fun at Smith was my way of expressing a deep affection for the campus and the people who populate it. 

But in the nearly 3 years I’ve been running these blogs, I have received downright nasty submissions and I have received a lot of passive-aggressive “My complaint is that you never update” messages. I’ve read racist, transphobic & classist complaints and I’ve deleted them all. Policing the space that I created for Smithies to express affection and good-natured teasing got to be too much. Especially while Smith as an institution struggles with these things, and while I can see the nasty ways in which Smithies will talk about other humans when given a venue to do so anonymously. 

SmithieComplaints was a blog about privilege, it was about how Smith College produces a certain type of complaint that would never cross the mind of most people. My personal favorite complaint of all time was “I can’t tell if I’m conscious of my privilege or falsely conscious of my privilege.” The submissions I get now are not true to the tongue-in-cheek tone I intended when I began the blog. They are self-congratulating, smug, and redundant.

I’m proud of the way I ran these blogs and I’m glad you all enjoyed them. I won’t delete them— they’re here as a testament to what Smith’s online community looked like from 2010-13 and how a college that costs 50k a year still can’t manage to teach students what a satire is. These blogs were never about me, they were about all of us, and how fucking terrible we could be and how we could still laugh at ourselves. 

aka Sarah Fitz ‘13J

“Its about rosy red butt cheeks, a spanking fetish everyone!” Raphael Atlas MUS 210

Apr 14
“Professor Hai: What do the crushed flowers symbolize? (silence) Come on, you’re all smart, we’re all thinking it.
Student: Loss of virginity.
Professor Hai: (chokes on her coffee) I wasn’t thinking THAT!”
Ambreen Hai, ENG 199

“My session has expired!! Fuck this shit!!” Raphael Atlas MUS 210

“Satori, or ‘awakening’,the big meatball!” Peter Gregory  Zen

Apr 13

Michael Gorra: “I once got a paper on serialization in Dickens and Sex in the City

Student: “That sounds painful.”

Michael Gorra: “It was. But the person who wrote it is now a bestselling novelist!”

Middlemarch seminar

“Justin: “What are you majoring in, again?
Me: “Theatre.”
Justin: “…thheeaatttree. *sits and stares contemplatively at me for several moments.”
Me: “Is..that..surprising?”
Justin: *seemingly snapping out of it” “Nah, I’ll get over it.””
Justin Cammy, during office hours. 

Apr 11
“Don’t feed hedgehogs paper. Public Service Announcement.” ~ Kevin Rozario, AMS 340

“Translators share many similarities with serial killers…” Guest Lecturer CLT 150

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